Knit cardigan , Wool women Cardigan,oversized sweater,cardigan open,fall cardigan.

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Color – violet , purple.
Materials -52% Wool, 48% Acrylic, 100% merino wool, Preciosa beads.
Size – custom made to order.
Decoration – needle felting , hand embroidery , volumetric embroidery, embroidery with Preciosa beads.

It’s possible to order in different colors.

Important! Before you buy any of the finished products – please specify your measurements (chest girth, waist, hips and your height) to make sure that the chosen item is your size.

Model size M, 173 cm tall.

How to do custom orders.



Washing by Hand.
Use warm water and mix it with some mild liquid soap. You can use special wool washing fluids that utilise cold water.
Submerge the garment in the water and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
Carefully rinse the garment in warm water.
When you’re done with rinsing, squeeze as much water as you can from the garment. Remember to not twist or wring the garment.
Wrap the garment in a towel. Gently squeeze or wring the towel. Unwrap, lay it flat on a new towel and let it air dry in a cool place.
Remember: Never put a fine wool garment into a dryer.


Dry Cleaning.

If you don’t want to get involved with the whole process above, send your merino to the dry cleaner. Most merino wool apparel can be cleaned by a dry cleaner. However, you should be cautious because frequent use of harsh chemicals can negatively affect the fabric.


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